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Race for the Kingdom (Kickstarter 2016)

A strategic card game of epic superpowers and divine kingdom building…

Game Designer: LaVar J Henry – Game Artist: Miguel Coimbra

Game Play:

  • Theme: Kingdom
  • Players: 2-4 (Partnership or all for one  gaming options)
  • Time: 30-120 Minutes (adjustable under victory conditions)



Descending from heaven, divine angels find themselves fashioned in human bodies. Bound to who they truly are, these angels discover themselves called by God to build His magnificent kingdom. Chosen and blessed to be given special powers from heaven, these spiritual beings race amongst themselves to influence the realm of Earth. In an epic battle of extraordinary powers, faith and fellowship, these devout angelic bishops seek God for guidance and authority. Which faithful child will God use to build His holy kingdom? God knows, but only time will tell!


Game Description:

Race for the Kingdom (RFTK) is a strategy card game, where 2-4 players become powerful angels gifted with unique individual abilities. These angels race around the realm of earth building and seeking God’s kingdom. With heavenly favor and a divine influence to fellowship with mankind, your challenge is not with flesh nor blood, but against other principalities and their impressive powers.

In RFTK, the game is about racing to achieve 1 of 3 victory conditions:

  1. Kingdom Expansion (place all 12 kingdom churches in play)
  2. Kingdom Development (stack 3 churches on a chosen number of territories)
  3. Kingdom Rapture (hold in hand 3 out of the 4 God cards)


Divine Thematic Power:

RFTK is designed to be enjoyed by any and all that play. You do not have to have prior knowledge or understanding of Christianity to be awed by this epic adventure. With that being said, RFTK was made to be the most captivating Christian based game ever designed. This game passively teaches principles found in the Christian faith – BUT be assured, this game is not boring. Like the metaphors found in the Holy Bible, RFTK is filled with hidden messages. Let this game tell its story and let it’s replay ability delight you again and again. – Race for the Kingdom.


Game Components:

  • 4 RFTK Game Boards
  • 2 Six Sided Dice
  • 48 Kingdom Churches
  • 8 Player Tokens
  • 7 Player Boards
  • 24 Player Board Markers
  • 160 Cards


Game Mechanics:

  • Variable Player Powers
  • Hand Management
  • Modular Board
  • Partnership
  • Dice Rolling
  • Card Drafting

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